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Circulating Pump Repair

Types- Circulating Water Pump, Hot Water Circulating Pump, Centrifugal, wet rotor circulators, in-line, vertical, multi-stage, base mounted, submersible, close coupled & horizontal split case centrifugal pumps.

What it Does- used to circulate gases, liquids, or slurries in a closed circuit. They are commonly found circulating water in a hydronic heating or cooling system. Common places you may find circulating pumps are Radiant In-Floor/Panel Heating, Indirect Domestic Water Heating, Solar Heating, Heat Recovery, Water Source Heat Pumping, Domestic Water Recirculation, Chilled Water Cooling Systems, HVAC, Water Supplies, and Pressure Boosting.

PumpMan Circulating Pump Repair Services:

    On-site troubleshooting

  Removal of centrifugal water pump from jobsite (if required)

  Complete disassembly and inspection including non-destructive testing and precise measuring

  Bead blasting and thorough cleaning of all centrifugal pump component parts

  Mechanical repairs and/or parts replacement

  Impeller trim and balancing

  Centrifugal Pump Parts fabrication or rebuilt (as required)


  Delivery & re-installation

  Shaft Alignments (as required)

PumpMan can repair, rebuild, redesign, or upgrade you circulating pump to get it back in service as quick as possible and with the reliability you expect.


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